What is AI Profile adjustment and when do I need it?

Profile adjustment lets you update your AI Profile so manual tweaking is part of the Imagen editing process. You can get your work done faster without compromising on your unique style. For example, let’s say you always need to make your photos slightly warmer. Adjust your profile to include this change, and every edit in the future will be the way you want.

When adjusting your AI Profile, you upload photos and see a preview of the changes before you save them to your profile. See Adjust your AI Profile and speed up your workflow for info on adjusting your profile.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Adjust your AI Profile only for tweaks you make to most of your photos.
  • Duplicate your AI Profile before adjusting it. This copy is either a backup or a base to a new AI Profile for your changes. Read how a wedding photographer uses profile duplication and adjustment to speed up her workflow
  • Don’t make changes in a different style from the photos used to create your AI Profile. Instead, duplicate your AI Profile, and make adjustments on this copy.
  • After you fine-tune your AI Profile, these adjustments are no longer applied to your profile.
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