Adjust AI Profiles to speed up your workflow

If you consistently need to tweak a parameter in your photos after getting back your edits, try adjusting your AI Profile instead. You can preview these adjustments on your own photos before saving them to your AI Profile. After you save the changes, these adjustments occur every time you edit with your AI Profile. Also, you don’t need to re-edit a project to apply these changes to your photos. Instead, go to the project, and download the edits again.

There are two kinds of adjustments:

  • Correction: Adjusts the value from the AI. For example, in the Exposure area, if you set the correction to +0.20, the exposure set by the AI will be increased relatively by 0.20 for all photos edited with this AI Profile. The Correction adjustment is only available for the Basic and HSL panels.
  • Fixed Value: Overrides the value in the AI Profile to the value you set. The Fixed Value adjustment is not available for exposure.

For more info about when to adjust an AI Profile, see What is the Profile Adjustments feature?

To adjust an AI Profile:

  1. If you want to preview changes to the AI Profile, choose up to five photos you already edited with this same profile. This way, you can see how the adjustments affect the edit.

  2. From the AI Profiles page, find the AI Profile to adjust.

  3. (Recommended) Duplicate your AI Profile to back it up before adjusting it or to create a new AI Profile based on your current one. 

  4. From your AI Profile, click the More options menu (3 dots) and then click Adjust AI Profile.

    The Adjust AI Profile page opens.

  5. (Recommended) Upload up to five photos to preview your changes. It might take up to 20 seconds to see the preview.

  6. Adjust your AI profile on the right side of the screen. Then, preview your changes in the photos on the left side of the screen.

  7. When you’re ready to apply these adjustments to the AI Profile, click Save changes. Your AI Profile is updated for all future edits.
    If you want to roll back the changes, click Reset to default to restore the original values in the AI Profile.
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