Uploading photos from an external drive or cloud (OneDrive,Dropbox,etc)

If you use an external drive or your images/catalog are located on a cloud-synced folder and you experience:

1) Upload errors.
2) Imagen can't read all or some of your Lightroom Classic catalog imported folders (See screenshot below).

There are two different cases in which cloud/external drive use can impact Imagen:

  1. Your Lightroom catalog is located on a cloud/external drive.
    In this case, Please move the catalog to your local drive and try again.

  2. Your photos are located on a cloud/external drive.
    In this case:
    1. Create Smart Previews for the photos and try again.

    2. If Smart Previews didn't help:
      1. Copy the photos to your local HDD/SDD.
      2. Update the Lightroom catalog folder.
      3. Try again. If it didn't work, contact the Customer Success team.

Solutions explained in-depth

  1. If your Lightroom Classic catalog is located in a cloud-synced folder/external drive, please copy or move the catalog and its relevant folders to your local HDD or SSD and try again.

  2. If your photos are imported from cloud-synced folders/external drive to your Lightroom Classic catalog, and Imagen shows that the images are missing, please follow these steps:
    1. Ensure that the LRC catalog shows the missing images and that they are available in your Lightroom catalog.
      If the photos are missing from your Lightroom catalog, the first step will be to re-connect the photos and try again.

    2. If the photos are available in your LRC catalog, and Imagen is showing the photos are missing, follow these steps:
      1. Open the relevant Lightroom Classic catalog.
      2. Select all the relevant photos.
      3. Create Smart previews: (screenshot A)
        1. Click on the “Library” menu option on the Library module.
        2. Go to “Previews”.
        3. Select “Build Smart Previews”.
      4. Open “Preferences” and select the “Performance” tab.
      5. Check the box: “Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for image editing”. (Screenshot B)

  1. If creating Smart Previews didn’t help:

    1. Copy the original images to a local HDD or SSD.
    2. Re-connect the images on the Lightroom catalog. (Screenshot C).
      1. On the left panel of the Library module.
      2. Locate the relevant folder and right-click on it.
      3. Select “Update Folder Location”
      4. Browse to the new folder where the images are stored locally.

If you don’t want to make changes to your LRC catalog, you can import the photos to a new catalog from your local HDD or SSD folder and load that catalog into Imagen.

If none of these steps helped, please contact the Customer Success team.

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