Subject Mask settings

The Subject Mask settings is a feature designed to provide complete control over the results obtained from the Imagen Subject Mask AI tool. It allows you to customize various parameters within Lightroom to achieve your desired mask outcome.

The Subject Mask settings encompass two main categories:

  1. Common Parameters: This category includes frequently used settings:
    • Amount slider: The Amount slider is a tool that allows you to manipulate the strength of a mask. By adjusting the slider, you can control how much of an effect the mask has on the subject.
    • Exposure: Modifies the mask Exposure value.
    • Highlights: Modifies the Highlights value within the masked area.
    • Shadows: Modifies the Shadows value within the masked area..
    • Whites: Modifies the White's value within the masked area.
  1. More Parameters: By clicking on this option, you gain access to additional settings in Lightroom that can be adjusted for further refinement.

It's important to note that these settings are saved on a per-account basis. Consequently, the chosen Subject Mask settings will remain consistent and applied uniformly across different projects, regardless of the AI Profile used. This ensures a seamless and reliable experience, allowing you to rely on your preferred Subject Mask settings across various projects.

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