Imagen Cloud Pricing

Imagen Cloud offers various storage options, each available at affordable prices. You can choose the storage amount that suits your needs and budget.

To select a plan, go to
"My Account"
 -> "Cloud Settings" and click on ''Explore Cloud Plans''.

Explore plans.png

Our basic plan offers 500GB of storage at $3/month, while the 2TB plan is priced at $10/month.
For plans above this, choose the ''Custom'' option and adjust the slider to your preferred storage amount. The corresponding plan price will be displayed in the top right corner of this box.
Cloud pricing.png

Once you have chosen the correct plan, Imagen Cloud will activated on your account. We will upload high-resolution cloud photos to your cloud account for every project you send to Imagen. For further details on customizing your preferences, you can find more information: Imagen Cloud Management.

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