Imagen Cloud Management

Imagen Cloud plans are accessible to all Imagen subscribers.
If you haven't chosen a cloud plan yet or are a trial user, we still provide a low-resolution backup for emergencies.
Once you've selected a plan, every project uploaded to Imagen will be stored in high resolution on your cloud account.'

Managing Cloud Settings

To select a plan that fits your needs, go to
"My Account"
-> "Cloud Settings" and click on ''Explore Cloud Plans''.

Explore plans.png

From here, you will be able to choose a plan of your liking.

Cloud plans.png

Once you have selected a plan, Imagen Cloud will be active for you. Your photos will be safely stored for as long as the plan remains active.

To see and change the preferences of your cloud settings, go to
"My Account" -> "Cloud Settings".

You can choose between the ''Original photos'' and ''Optimized photos'', which will determine the size of your cloud photos. Additionally, you have the option to change the folder location where the cloud photos will be downloaded.

Preferences.pngHigh-resolution cloud photos have two types:

    1. "Optimized photos" - Lossy compression - The default setting for RAW and JPEG images.
      This option will keep the original photo resolution while reducing the RAW file size by up to 4 times the original. 
      For example, if the image resolution is 24 megapixels and the original file size is 40MB, the backup image will remain 24 megapixels, but the file size will be reduced to as low as 10MB.

      We recommend this option for these reasons:
      1. Faster upload time.
      2. Reduced storage usage that allows you to store X4 more projects.
      3. Original RAW photo resolution is preserved.
    2. "Original Photos"
      Creates a copy of your original photos (Raw and Jpeg).
      For example, if the image resolution is 24 megapixels and the file size is 40MB, the image will remain 24 megapixels and 40MB in size.
      JPEG photos will be uploaded as a copy of the Original photo even if "Optimized" is selected.

Low-resolution cloud photos have a reduced image resolution.

  • Each project upload is backed up in a low resolution of 1.5 megapixels.
  • Low-resolution cloud photos are free.

Low-resolution cloud photos explained
You can find a comparison between all cloud photos types in this article:
Imagen Cloud photos quality explained: High resolution Optimized and Original VS Low resolution

If you notice that your cloud storage is reaching its capacity, you have the option to either delete all the cloud photos or selectively remove specific projects to free up space.

Delete all cloud photos from the Imagen cloud.

  1. "My Accounts" page -> "Cloud Settings" -> Click on the "More Options (⋮)" menu on the right, and choose "Delete High-Res Photos".
  2. You must approve the deletion by typing "Yes delete".
    Delete backup.png

Delete specific project backups from the Imagen cloud

  1. "Projects" page -> "More Options (⋮)" menu (Situated at the far right of the project row)-> "Cloud Photos" or by clicking on the cloud icon, located in the "Cloud Status" column.
    Cloud photos.png

  2. On the "Cloud Photos" section, Click on the "More Options (⋮) menu" -> "Delete High-Res Photos".
    Delete photos.png

Cancel Imagen Cloud plan

"My Accounts" page -> "Cloud Settings" -> Click on the "More Options (⋮)" menu on the right, and choose ''Cancel plan''.

  • After cancelling, all previously uploaded high-res cloud photos will be deleted after one month.
  • If you wish to delete your data immediately:
    Click on the "More Options (⋮)" menu -> "Delete High-Res Photos" and follow the instructions.

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