Back up your photos on Imagen Cloud

Future-projects Imagen cloud uploads

If you enable the Imagen Cloud feature, each Culling or Editing project that you upload to Imagen will be automatically backed up in two different processes, ensuring a seamless and automated backup process:

  1. Upload the project photos for Culling or Editing.
  2. Upload the high-resolution photos backup to the Imagen cloud.

General information about uploading projects:

  • Uploading for Culling or Editing is prioritized and will be uploaded first.
    For example, Suppose you begin uploading a project while a previous project is being uploaded to the Imagen cloud. In that case, the backup upload will pause, and the culling/editing project will start uploading immediately.
  • If the Imagen app is turned off while your computer is uploading a project, the upload process will resume automatically from where it left off the next time you open Imagen.

Past-projects Imagen cloud uploads

Upload backups for projects that were uploaded in the past for culling or editing:

On the "Projects page":

    1. Locate the project. 
    2. Click on the "More Options (⋮)" menu (Situated at the far right of the project row)-> "Cloud Photos" or by clicking on the cloud icon, located in the "Cloud Status" column.
      Cloud photos.png
    3. Click on the highlighted "Upload This Project" text.

Important note:
All of the original photos must be connected to the Lightroom catalog for the backup process to begin successfully.

See the suggested article for more information on
How to Identify And Re-Connect Missing Original Photos in Lightroom Classic Catalogs.

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