Creating a Personal AI Profile from Adobe Camera Raw final edits

If you usually edit your projects with Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop or Bridge) and wish to create a Personal AI Profile with Imagen, this article is for you.

Note: You must have Lightroom Classic installed on your computer.

Step 1: Get your edited photos into Lightroom Classic.

  1. Import your project's final edited photos (the photos you want Imagen to learn your editing style from) into your Lightroom Classic catalog.
    If you are new to Lightroom Classic, the following article will show you how to do it:
    Importing photos to a Lightroom Classic catalog
  2. Select the folder on the left "Folders" panel.
  3. Select All Photos (Cmnd + a (mac) or Ctrl + a (windows)).
  4. On the Library module -> "Metadata" menu header -> "Read Metadata from Files".
  5. Once the process is finished, all your photos should be updated with the ACR edits.
  6. Review the photos and ensure that the photos are edited with your final edits.

Step 2: Create your Personal AI Profile in Imagen.

  1. Close Lightroom Classic.
  2. Open Imagen and begin creating your Personal AI Profile as shown here:

Troubleshooting: The photos are unedited after following 'Step 1' directions.

Adobe Camera Raw automatically creates XMP sidecar files once you finish editing your photos.
XMP is a text file with the same filename as the photo, and it contains all of the edit information.
This is how the folder containing your images should look after editing a project with ACR:


If that's not the case for you, ensure you are looking at the correct folder and once verified, open the photos in ACR. 
If the photos appear as edited in ACR, clicking "Done" will create the XMPs that contain the edit information, and you can retry Step 1.
If you deleted or can't locate the XMP sidecar files, unfortunately, without them, you cannot see your ACR edits in Lightroom Classic.

Moving forward, we suggest verifying they are added to your photos on your next project.
After verifying, when you reach 3,000 edited photos, you can create your Personal AI Profile.

If you need any assistance, reach out to our Support team. We will happily help.

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