Getting Started with a Lite Personal AI Profile

Lite Personal AI Profile is a fast, three steps process to create a Personal AI Profile.
Simply answer a few quick questions about your preferred editing style, upload a preset that reflects your desired style, and your Personal AI Profile will be ready in a matter of minutes, sometimes only a few seconds!

The biggest advantage of the Lite Personal AI Profile is that it doesn’t require you to upload any photos to create it.

Requirements for a Lite Personal AI Profile

There is only one thing you’ll need to create your Lite Personal AI Profile: 
A preset that best reflects your editing style.
If you don’t have one, you can easily use the Develop module on Lightroom Classic to create one. See here for a step-by-step guide: How to create a Lightroom Classic preset
Lite profiles can only edit RAW images and is not compatible for JPEG/TIFF images.

Step 1: Creating a Lite Personal AI Profile

To create a new Personal AI Profile, there are two ways to get started:

  1. Home page -> “Add a Profile” button.
  2. Projects page -> “Create Your Own Profile” button.

Select the “Lite Personal AI Profile” icon from the pop-up page, to enter the set-up page.

Screenshot_1 (2).jpg

Step 2: Lite Profile Creation Set-up page

A Lite Personal AI Profile is partially based on your preset of choice, and this is where you’ll be asked to upload it.
There are three ways to select your preset:

  1. Clicking on “My Presets” will allow you to scroll and search for your desired preset.
    These presets are those available to you in the “Presets” collection in Lightroom Classic’s “Develop module”.

  2. Manually add your preset by:
    1. Click “Browse” and locate the folder where the presets are saved on your computer.
    2. Select the preset and drag & drop into the outlined box.

*** If you are unsure where your desired preset is located, try the following:

  1. Open Lightroom Classic -> “Develop module”.
  2. Locate your preset in your “Presets” collection (Located on the left panel).
  3. Right-click on the preset name -> Select “Show in Finder” (Mac) or “Show in Explorer” (Windows).
  4. The relevant folder will open.
  5. Now, you can easily drag & drop the desired preset into Imagen.

Step 3: Lite Profile Creation Style Survey

To personalize your AI Profile, you will be asked to define your editing style in three different settings:

  1. Exposure preference (Darker or Brighter).
  2. White Balance - Temperature preference (Warmer or Cooler).
  3. White Balance - Tint preference (Green or Magenta).

The AI learns your preference by answering a set of quick visual questions;
Three visual questions per setting.
Each question is based on what defines your personal editing style in terms of Exposure, Temperature, and Tint.


In the above example, each photo is edited differently in terms of Temperature.
You’ll be presented with a set of photos with ranging temperature settings - cooler photos to the left that become gradually warmer to the right.
Here you will be asked to select which setting best reflects your editing style.
The layout of the style survey page is as follows:

  1. Setting name.
  2. Visual indicator of the settings value range.
  3. Progress bar.
  4. “Back” button. You can always return to the previous step if you want to change your selection as long as you haven’t finalized the Personal AI Profile creation.

After answering all of the survey questions, the “Build Profile” button will appear next to the "Back" button at the bottom right, and clicking on it will initiate the Personal AI Profile creation process, which will take a few minutes at most.

Once your Personal AI Profile is ready, you can immediately try it by clicking the “Edit With This Profile” button.

If you would like to send a project for editing with your new Personal AI Profile later, it will be available on the Home and Projects pages as well as the “Choose an AI Profile” drop-down menu in the project upload screen.

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