How to create a Lightroom Classic preset

Lite Personal AI Profile creates your AI Profile based on the preferred preset you provide.

If you don’t normally use a preset in your photo editing workflow, you can still utilize the Lite Personal AI Profile feature by creating a preset beforehand.

  1. Open Lightroom Classic -> “Develop panel”.
  2. Select an unedited image.
  3. Apply your preferred values.
    If you want your Lite AI Profile to adjust only the Exposure and White Balance values per image, leave everything as is.
  4. Left Panel ->“Presets” -> click on the “+” icon located to the right of “Presets” -> click on "Create Preset".
  5. Name your preset on the “New Develop Preset” page.
  6. Click on "Create".

Your preset is now available under your “Presets” collection -> “User presets” and will be available for selection on the "Lite Profile Creation Set-up page" under the "My Presets" drop-down preset selection.

If you can't find your preset on the "My Presets" drop-down menu:

  1. Open Lightroom Classic -> “Develop module”.
  2. Locate your preset in your “Presets” collection (Located on the left panel).
  3. Right-click on the preset name -> Select “Show in Finder” (Mac) or “Show in Explorer” (Windows).
  4. The relevant folder will open.
  5. Now, you can easily drag & drop the desired preset into Imagen.
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