Two Ways to Create Your Personal AI Profile

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Before introducing the Lite Personal AI Profile creation feature, which serves as a simplified and faster method to create your very own Personal AI Profile, you had to upload a minimum of 3,000 consistently edited photos in order to initiate a Personal AI Profile creation.

Lite Personal AI Profile
In this new method of creating a Personal AI Profile, you don’t need any previously edited photos to train your Personal AI Profile with your editing style. All you need is your preset of choice and answer a few questions about that reflected style.
Your personal AI Profile will be ready and available for editing in a matter of minutes.

Classic Personal AI Profile
This is the recommended Personal AI Profile creation method as it is trained with a minimum of 3,000 photos of your own consistently edited photos.

Personal AI Profiles created by both methods mentioned above have the ability to improve over time with our Fine-Tune profile update feature. Furthermore, you can always tweak them with our Profile Adjustments feature.

Talent AI Profiles 
An alternative to creating your very own Personal AI Profile is the instantly available Talent AI Profiles created by leading photographers in the industry.
These AI Profiles are created with each photographer’s distinct editing style and are extremely accurate as they have been trained with tens of thousands of images.
You can personalize the Talent Personal AI Profiles with our Profile Adjustments feature and customize the profiles to your liking.

In the table below, you can compare the differences between the different AI Profile types: 

  Lite Personal Personal AI Profile Talent
Your own unique style  
Instantly available  
Need 3,000 images to create    
Available for fine-tune  
JPEG compatible  
Public Profile    
Profile Adjustments


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