Smooth Skin

Smooth Skin is a local adjustment technique employed to enhance the appearance of skin in photos. It focuses on reducing the visibility of imperfections, fine lines, and blemishes, resulting in a more polished and visually appealing complexion. This process doesn't aim to distort natural features but to provide a subtle, retouched effect. 

Now, with Imagen's Smooth Skin AI tool, this task becomes not only simpler but also more intelligent and customizable.

How it Works:

Imagen's Smooth Skin feature operates seamlessly through a 3-step process:

  1. Recognition and Selection of faces:
    The advanced AI technology is capable of recognizing and selecting important and prominent faces within a photo. This ensures that the smoothening effect is applied precisely to the areas that matter most.
  1. AI Brush Tool:
    After identifying the key facial features, the AI uses a brush tool to mark the selected faces. This precision guarantees that the smoothing process is focused and precise, preventing any unintentional alterations to the rest of the image.
  1. Customizable Smoothening:
    You have the flexibility to select your preferred level of smoothing. Choose between two Skin Styles or customize the value according to your preferences. This level of personalization ensures that you achieve the desired aesthetic without compromise.

Sending a project to edit with Smooth Skin


  1. Click on ‘'Create a new project’' on the home screen and select your relevant catalog. 
  2. On the project upload screen, choose the folder or collection you wish to edit. Select the AI profile for editing, provide a name for the project, and choose the add-on features for editing. Locate the "Smooth Skin" option under 'Additional AI Tools.' Tick the 'Smooth Skin' box to apply the add-on to your project.Edit.png
  3. Here, you can see the '‘Edit’' option to set your smooth skin preference. This will allow you to select between the two preset settings (Moderate and Bold) and custom settings. The moderate skin style will be applied by default unless you change it. In the ‘’Custom’’ setting, you can adjust the amount and several parameters of the smoothening (texture, clarity and sharpness). Edit settings.png
  4. After selecting your preference, click on "Save Changes." A settings icon next to Smooth Skin should confirm that the adjustments have been successfully made.Edit confirm.png
  5. Once you are ready, click on ‘’Upload’’, and the editing process will begin. 
  6. You will be notified by email when the editing is complete. Follow these steps to Download your project

Suppose I am unhappy with the results of Smooth Skin, what should I do?

Understanding that every user's vision for their photos is unique, Imagen has implemented various customization options to guarantee satisfaction with the AI skin smoothening feature.

  1. Adjusting smooth skin settings:
    If you are dissatisfied with the initial results, you can easily modify the editing style and re-download the project for free.

    Head to the Projects tab, find the project where you applied skin smoothening and select the three dots next to the profile. Then, choose "Smooth Skin Settings''.
    Smoothskin settings.png
    Now, make the adjustment that you would like to the Smooth Skin value. You can try a different preset value than the one you selected or use a custom setting. Once you have selected your preference, click ‘’Save Changes’’.
    After adjusting the settings, the app will prompt you to download the edits. Click 'Yes, Download Edits' and follow the subsequent steps to complete the download process. Please note that you do not need to re-upload the project to apply these changes and only need to download them again. Yes, Download.png
  1. Removing smooth skin edits:
    If you're dissatisfied with the results on specific/all photos and want to disable the Smooth Skin edit, please refer to this article: How to disable the results of the Local Adjustments


Please take a look at Pricing for Optional Addons.

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