Extended Adobe Compatibility

Imagen AI is compatible is not limited to just Lightroom Classic. Users can upload their unedited images directly to Imagen, making editing more flexible. The edits will be downloaded as part of the DNG files or as an XMP sidecar file. This will allow customers to use Imagen without the need for a Lightroom Classic catalog. 

When new users start editing on Imagen, they'll be asked about their favourite editing tool. This helps give them a personalized experience. They can choose from:

  1. Lightroom Classic
  2. Lightroom CC
  3. Photoshop (ACR)
  4. Bridge (ACR)

Let's look at the workflow and talk about the different scenarios that may arise. 


For new users editing their first project, they will be asked to select their preferred editing software.

  1. Head to the Projects tab and click ‘Create a New Project’. Next, select ‘Edit’. 
  2. You will now see the option to choose your preferred editing software.toggle LRc further.png
    If you are already using Imagen with Lightroom Classic or want to know how to change this preference at a later stage, please read the ‘Toggle between different editing software’ section further down on the page.
    If you are a Lightroom Classic user, you can read How to upload a project to learn how to proceed with editing. 
  3. If you select Lightroom CC, Photoshop (ACR) or Bridge (ACR), then you will be given the option to choose the folder where the photos are located. You can upload JPEG, TIFF or RAW files. If you hover over the (!) next to RAW formats, you will be able to view all supported file types. selecct folder.png
  4. You can drag and drop the folder containing the images or use the ‘Browse’ option to find the images.
    drag or browse.png
  5. Now, you will be able to give the project a name, select the profile you would like to edit with and select the add-on features you would like to use on the project.
    Please note that JPEG profiles can only be edited with JPEG profiles and RAW files with RAW profiles.
    Name, profile.png
  6. Once done, click Upload, and you will be able to see the status of your project upload by clicking on the top right ‘Uploading’ area.


  1. Once the edits are ready, click on ‘Download to Review’.
  2. Now, you will be asked to select the folder to download edits to. It is best to keep the same folder as the original files. If you have changed the location, you can use the ‘Browse’ option here.
    download further.png
  3. Please follow the prompts on the screen to view the edits. Depending on which software you select, you will be given all the needed information on how to view them. You will be able to see an animation on the top part and instructions on the bottom part.
    info to view.png

Toggle between different editing software:

For customers who have already edited images with Imagen using Lightroom Classic but prefer to edit with another software, you can easily change your editing workflow. 

On the page to select your Lightroom Catalog, you will see the option to select a different software.

toggle LRc.png
Alternatively, if you drag and drop a folder when you are prompted to select a Lightroom catalog, we will provide you with a warning and allow you to select your preferred editing software.
drop Folder.png
Next, you will be able to select your preferred software that allows you to upload from a folder.
toggle LRc further.png
For users wishing to switch the other way around and back to Lightroom Classic, the flow is very similar. In the Folder section page, you will see the option ‘Are you using Lightroom Classic’.
toggle from folder.png
Similar to the other case, if you drag and drop a Lightroom Classic catalog to a folder selection area, you will be given a warning, the catalog will be loaded and the workflow will automatically be switched.
drop Lrc.png

drop Lrc further.png

Unsupported file type

Please note that we support editing JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats. If an unsupported file is selected or dropped into the selection screen, you will receive a warning that a wrong file type was selected and information on all supported file types.unsupported.png

 If your file type is listed and you can not upload them, then please contact our customer support.

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