Culling Studio

The Culling Studio is an in-app solution designed to help photographers review the AI Culling results before accepting and continuing to edit with your Preferred AI Profile. It is a further step added to the Imagen Culling workflow to let you completely control the results of the AI Culling.

The first part of the culling flow is described in detail in the article Getting started with Imagen Culling.

Viewing your result in the Imagen Culling Studio

When the culling results are ready, you can access the culling studio right from your project by clicking “Review Culling” and start working on your photos.

Review Culling.png
On opening, Culling Studio will first summarise your results based on your preferences and rating method.Overview.png
The summary is later accessible using the Culling overview button, which will show the interactive results of the project, updated in real-time according to the changes you have made.Overview 2.png
At first, Culling Studio will show you a quick overview of the results filtered by “Keepers” and “No Alternatives” in Grid view.

Here is a quick explanation of icons and buttons to review your photos:View explanation.png

  1. Number of culled images and filters being viewed - On the right side, you can see the filters currently being viewed, and on the left, you can see how many photos are included with the selected filters.
  2. The filters section panel - With a single click on these filters, you can activate and deactivate viewing photos with the different filters.
  3. Culling Studio tutorial - If you are new to Imagen Culling and need a quick guide on how the process works, click this button for a quick step-by-step tutorial.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts - to speed up the workflow with Lightroom-like shortcuts to make your final selection. 
  5. The Grid View/Loupe View toggle - is used to switch between a general project view and a specific image view.

Making your final selection

In the grid view, all the ratings are editable. They can even be changed to filters and ratings not initially selected, allowing the photographer to refine the selection with the most precision possible. For eg, if you used color labels as your culling preference, you can use star ratings of flags to refine your selection.Grid view explanation.png
Similar photos will be grouped together, and you can quickly notice them with the number next to the image showing how many images are in the group. To review photos in a group, simply hover over or click the image and then double-click on one of the images in the group. Group view.png
A pop-up will open, allowing you to view all the images in the group by using arrow keys or clicking the photos with your mouse. Now, quickly browse the photos and pick your favourite shot by changing the filters inside each image.

Group view seletion.png
Alternatively, you can review the images in the Loop view. In the loop view you are able to view the images in bigger size so that you can make quick decisions on your selection. Simply double-click on an image, hit the spacebar or click on the Grid View/Loupe View toggle button to enter Loop view.
The best way to navigate through the Loop view is by using your keyboard arrow keys. When you reach images in a group, simply click the up arrow to enter the group and browse through the images. Learning the keyboard shortcuts will help you change filters in the fastest way. 
Loop View navi.png

Grid and Loop views allow you to enlarge the photos and refine the selection easily. You can modify the ratings to change the selection inside a group, switch the selected photo, add more culled photos, or exclude them all from the selection.

If you are new to AI culling and need some guidance with making your selection, please refer to Best Practices for Imagen Culling.

Sending your culled photos to edit with Imagen or your preferred editing software

Once the selection is refined, you can use the three key export buttons to send your desired number of photos to edit with Imagen or for further review in different software of your choice.export options.pngUse the filter bar to select the final selection you would like to work with.

If you do not wish to use the whole selection and work on a handful of images, use the 'Select' button to select the images manually.selectt.png
select.pngOnce you have made your selection using the filters or select option, you can easily send the photos edit by clicking the Edit Photos button. You can choose to edit the Selected photos, All photos in the current view or All photos in the project by expanding the Photos to edit selection.
Select the AI profile to edit with, the add-ons to use, and then simply click Send to edit the images.send to edit.png
It is also possible to send the updated metadata to another preferred software using the preferred Export Method (to Lightroom or as XMP sidecar files).export rating.png

If you exported culling results to Lightroom Classic and reviewed them there, you can sync your changes to Imagen. Imagen automatically detects changes in the culling results and prompts you to sync.
Sync Culling Results.png

If you viewed the results in a different software and wish to send the images to edit. Please read Send a culled project to edit (for users reviewing results outside Imagen).

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