Profile Duplication

We are taking another step in personalizing the experience for our photographers to ensure that it is more tailored to their needs. The "Duplicate Profile" feature allows users to create copies of their personal profiles for experimentation, tweaking, and refining. 
You can duplicate both Personal and purchased profiles with this feature. Purchased profiles can be duplicated but will stay as type "purchased" (sharing is not allowed).
Unfortunately, Talent & Shared profiles won't have this option.

How to duplicate an AI profile

Go to the AI profiles tab, click on the three dots next to your profile, and simply click on 'Duplicate'.Duplicate profile.pngThis will create a new profile called ''(Profile Name) Copy'', which you can later rename using the same three dots next to your profile. 
2024-03-19 14_09_01-Imagen AI.pngJust to clarify, when you create a duplicate, it becomes an independent profile. Any fine-tuning, profile adjustments or final edits made to either the original or the duplicate apply only to that specific profile and do not impact the other one.

What are the benefits of Profile Duplication?

Profile duplication offers more than just convenience. Let's explore its key uses:

  1. Experiment with Styles: You can easily try out different looks to your current profile with the "Profile Adjustments" tool. You can easily use this feature to create a profile for each one of your editing styles/needs. 
  2. Backup Your Original: If you plan to fine-tune your profile and are worried that you will lose your current editing style, you can keep your original profile safe while you explore the benefits of profile finetuning. This ensures you always have a reliable backup.
  3. Tailor to Audiences: Customize your Personal AI profile for different audiences or platforms. Adapt your content while maintaining your unique style.
  4. Explore New Possibilities: Get creative with your AI profile and share your experiences. Together, we can discover new ways to use profile duplication.
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