HDR Merge

HDR Merge combines a bracket of photos, usually three or five photos with different exposures, into one new photo with a high dynamic range. Real estate photography often uses this technique to have all parts of the room and the outside of the room exposed perfectly. For example, the closet, main room, and window all have the correct exposure.

HDR Merge only for real estate photography

When creating an editing project, choose Real Estate to use the HDR Merge tool.

Keep in mind

  • When using HDR Merge, Imagen needs to upload the high-resolution files as opposed to the compressed size we upload for other projects. 
  • The files to be merged must be RAW only. sRAW, mRAW, or JPEG is not supported. 
  • Make sure the bracketed images were shot less than one minute apart for us to recognize them as a set. The images are best shot auto-bracketed, or with quick fingers!
  • And the camera configuration for the images in the set must be different (ISO or Exposure Time).
  • HDR Merge automatically detects the brackets that need to be merged. They must be either in groups of three, four, or five. Also, it leaves any single image as is.
  • HDR Merge is part of the editing process. When using HDR Merge, make sure to choose an AI Profile, just as you do for any other project.

Downloading and reviewing edited photos

After merging the bracketed photos on the Imagen Cloud, Imagen downloads the edited photos to your computer. You must select the folder where you want these photos to be stored.

Once the edited photos are downloaded, import them into Lightroom for review.



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