Choose a Talent AI Profile by comparing styles

Talent AI Profiles are AI profiles created by industry-leading photographers with unique editing styles, and they are available for you to try out. To choose the Talent AI Profile that best fits your style, you first compare as many profiles as you like using Imagen sample photos. Then, you upload your own photos to get a preview of how the Talent AI Profiles will edit your photos. 

We recommend you use Imagen’s sample photos to narrow down your choice and then use the previews of the editing styles on your own photos to finalize which Talent AI Profile you want to use.

  1. From the Home page, click AI Profiles and then click Talent AI Profiles. If you already know which profile you want to use, click Use to edit and start editing. However, for best results, continue to the next step to compare the styles of Talent AI Profiles.

  2. Click Compare styles. The Compare styles page opens with the top three most used Talent AI Profiles. Try these profiles with the Imagen sample photos to see how the profiles work in different light conditions. Remove or add profiles until you find the ones you like.

  3. After narrowing your choice, click the + button in the photo bar to add your own photos. It’s best to choose photos from different lighting conditions. You can upload up to 30 photos in RAW format. You can only add 10 photos at a time.

  4. After uploading your photos, you can preview up to three profiles in this first stage, and you can later add more from the sidebar. In this step, you see the top 3 profiles from the sidebar. You can change your choice by removing profiles and choosing from a list.

  5. Click Compare styles. The photos you added are uploaded to the photo bar. 

  6. In the photo bar, click your photo's thumbnail to preview it with the different Talent AI Profiles. Repeat with other photos from your upload. 

  7. To compare more styles, select other Talent AI Profiles from the sidebar. The style loads in the preview.

    Note that once you leave the Compare styles page, the edited previews are deleted.

  8. When you’re ready to edit, hover over the preview you like, and click Use to edit. The editing process starts.

Remove a Talent AI Profile

On the Talent AI Profiles page, click the three dots next to the Talent AI Profile you want to remove and then click Remove.


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