Installing ImagenAI


1. Double-click on the downloaded installer file.

If you get a pop-up message from Windows asking you to allow ImagenAI to make changes to your device, click Yes.

2. Choose the folder you want to install ImagenAI. The default and recommended folder to install  is “C:\Program Files\ImagenAI”

To open ImagenAI, use the shortcut we created on your desktop or search for "Imagen" on the windows search tool.
Expert tip: To have easy access for the future, Click on the "Pin to taskbar" 

Imagen app on Windows.jpg


1. Double-click on the downloaded installer file.
2. Click continue on the introduction and readme sections.
3. Read the license, click continue and Agree to ImagenAI License agreement.
4. Click Install, when the installation is finished, click Close.
5. Open the app from Launchpad




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