Recommendations for an incredible Personal AI Profile

Your Personal AI Profile is designed to learn how you edit with your unique style. If you have several editing styles, you should create a separate Personal AI Profile for each.

Mixing different styles in the photos you send to create your profile will confuse the AI and may give you inaccurate results.

For the most accurate Personal AI Profile, please follow These guidelines:

1. Select photos that were edited with one consistent color profile.

To learn your editing style and maintain a consistent style, we recommend sticking to the same camera profile for each profile you create in our app.

2. Upload as many lighting conditions and as many scenarios that were edited with your style.

The more diverse your images are, the better our AI will learn how you edit in different situations.
For Example: Daylight, Indoors, Artificial lights, Summer, Winter, etc.

3. Imagen will apply constant parameters based on the most common values from the images you sent to the “Teach” section and will not change these per image:

- Tone curve
- Color grading
- Camera Calibration

In order to get the best results from the AI, it's highly recommended that the values on those settings remain consistent throughout all the photos you send to create your Personal AI profile, or at least 90% of the photos.

The AI will not learn how you change these settings per image and will use the most frequently used setting, which may lead to inaccurate results.

However, even if you use one or more of those settings in more than 90% of the edited projects you sent to build your Personal AI Profile, you should still create and test it, since the inaccuracies depend on the amounts and values changed, and may still output good results.


4. Uploading as many consistently edited photos per profile will improve the edit output accuracy.

We require a minimum of 3,000 previously edited photos to teach us how you edit. However, the more you can upload, the better.

5. Don’t upload unedited images!

Uploading unedited images to teach the AI how you edit your images will most likely create an inaccurate profile.

Please note that on the Imagen "Filters" section, there are checkboxes for "Edited" and "Unedited" photos.

Don’t solely rely on that filter, as Imagen cannot notice that a photo is unedited if a preset has been applied to the image (without tweaks). Those images will be considered by Imagen as “Edited.” For example, if you apply Lens Correction on import, your photos are technically edited within Lightroom already.

If you usually apply a preset when importing your images to Lightroom, double-check your images before uploading photos to teach us your style.

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