How to build a Creator AI Profile

Getting your catalogs ready for a personalized AI profile

For a smooth and easy profile creation process, get your Lightroom catalogs ready with these steps:

  1. Make sure that all of your projects photos and folders that you want to upload to ImagenAI for the teaching process are linked inside your Lightroom catalog. We recommend having Smart Previews built for them too, but it is not required.
  2. Uniquely Rate/Color/Flag the photos you want to upload to ImagenAI for the teaching process. Doing this will make your selection process within the ImagenAI upload screen much easier because you can filter your Lightroom attributes within the ImagenAI app.

Initial setup of your AI profile

  1. Open ImagenAI and log in
  2. Select Creator (Create my profile - Yellow button)
  3. Click on “Teach us your style” Highlighted text on the notification screen or click on the Teach icon
  4. Click on the yellow button “Create a new profile”
  5. Name your profile and choose profile settings according to your needs and type of photos edited.

Uploading your images for your AI profile

  1. Click “+ Add edited photos from catalog”
  2. Choose a Lightroom catalog using “Browse”
    After loading the selected catalog, a pop-up message will notify you how many images are imported to the Lightroom catalog and how many Images, ImagenAI found.

    For further information on that pop-up,
    click here.


  3. Give a name for your project
  4. Select the folders or collections that contain the photos you want to upload by marking a “✓” next to the “Folder” name and click “Choose” when you are done selecting images for the loaded catalog.

    You can reset your selection and start over by clicking on the “Reset” button.
    These are the photos that our AI will learn from them how you edit and build your Creator profile.

    *Pro tip article - using filters for a fast selection


  5. On the next screen, click on “+Add edited photos from catalog” if you want to add more images from a different catalog, or click “Send” if you finish selecting.


AI profile creation process

After finishing uploading your selected images for your Creator profile, you need to send your profile for the creation process. Go to the main screen in the ImagenAI app and click on the blue button that lets us know you finished uploading your images.

This process can take up to 72 hours, though usually, it’s between 24 to 48 hours.

When your profile is ready, you will get an email notification. After getting that email, you can begin sending projects for editing.

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