Imagen pricing explained

The pricing depends on the plan you choose. When you subscribe to Imagen, you will be on the pay-as-you-go plan. For photographers who edit more than 18,000 photos annually, we provide annual packages offering a lower cost per edit. 

Additionally, all Imagen subscribers can get discounts on various partnered products through the Perk Pass program, regardless of their plan. You can learn more about it here: Your Guide to Perks Pass.

Imagen subscribers will have early access to our features in the beta testing phase(Culling, etc). While in beta testing, the features will be free of charge. 

The pay-as-you-go plan

Each AI photo edit costs $0.05. There are also add-ons: Cropping, Straightening, Smooth Skin, and Subject Mask, which are $0.01 each.

Payment is monthly. Each month, you will be billed automatically on your signup anniversary.

There is a $7 minimum per month.

It's only charged when you don't use enough edits to reach $7 in a month. The $7 minimum charge is like a savings for your future edits. Any unused balance is carried over to the next month, ensuring you never lose out on the edits you paid for with the minimum fee.

For example, if you make edits worth $4.5 for a month, you will be charged $7 for that month, and the remaining $2.5 will be added to your account as a credit for future edits.

Example for 6 months

  Edit Count Price
June 1,000 $50
July 2,000 $100
August 3,000 $150
September 6,000 $300
October 0 $7 (rolls over to next month)
November 1,000 $50 - $7 = $43

To see your estimated monthly charge, You can go to "My account" (3 dots on the upper right corner of the main ImagenAI screen) and see that information on the top right corner.

Minimum fee, and edits are charged in $USD.

Annual packages

Photographers who edit more than 18,000 images, 36,000 or 72,000 yearly can upgrade to a package directly from the Imagen app. Go to "My Account" and navigate to the Billing section. Here you will see the option to 'Change Plan'. Click on this to access the plans available to you. 

In our ongoing effort to accommodate our costs to our users and their needs, we're happy to add a new payment model.

Each Imagen user can choose whether they want to continue on the pay-as-you-go ($0.05 per photo) or commit to higher volumes of editing and get a discount price per photo (6%-15% off).

These pack plans allow for convenient financial planning with a set monthly charge.

With all these plans, you can decide when to use the editing credits during the next 12 months, and you will enjoy the discount even when the package finishes.

Please contact support if you have any questions.

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