ImagenAI pricing explained

Payment is monthly. Each month you will be billed automatically on your signup anniversary.

There is a $7 minimum per month.

If you do not use $7 worth of edits in a given month, the balance is rolled over to the following month. So you never lose out on the edits you have paid for with the minimum fee.

Each AI photo edit costs $0.05.

Example for 6 months

  Edit Count Price
June 1,000 $50
July 2,000 $100
August 3,000 $150
September 6,000 $300
October 0 $7 (rolls over to next month)
November 1,000 $50 - $7 = $43


There are also addons: cropping and straightening that is $0.01 each.

Photographers who edit more than 72,000 images yearly can contact the support team to get an enterprise plan.

To see your estimated monthly charge, You can go to "My account" (3 dots on the upper right corner of the main ImagenAI screen) and see that information on the top right corner.

Minimum fee, and edits are charged in $USD.

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