Talents AI Profiles VS Personal AI Profiles

There are a few differences between a Talent and a Creator AI editing profiles:

  1. To use a Talents profile, you don’t need to invest in creating a personalized AI profile.
    Talents profiles are available for everyone's immediate use.

    The fact you don’t need to invest in creating your own profile is perfect for:

    a) Photographers who don’t keep their Lightroom catalogs
    b) Photographers who don’t have 5,000+ edited photos with their own editing style

    Even though you cannot Fine-tune a Talent AI profile, you can still make any final edits you wish to the photos once ImagenAI has applied its edits.

    When you have 5,000 minimum photos with all those final edits, you can make your own profile if you choose.

    In this video below, you can learn how to use one of the Talents AI profiles as a base to create your own AI profile.

  2. Talents AI Profiles only support RAW images, while on a Personal AI profile, you have the option to train an AI profile that edits JPEG image files.

  3. Talent AI profiles can’t be fine-tuned as they are limited profiles.
  Personal Talents
Public profile  
Instantly available  
Need 5,000+ images to create   
Your own unique style  
JPEG compatible  
Available for fine-tune  


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