ImagenAI uses game-changing technology to help make photographers' lives easier, like the Fine-tune feature, which gives you the ability to make your profile even more accurate.

We highly recommend sending your final edits using the Fine-tune section of the ImagenAI app for every project ImagenAI edits for you.

The Fine-tune profile updates happen periodically on profiles eligible for a profile update, but an email to the support team would accelerate the process.

What makes your profile eligible for a Fine-tune update?

A profile update is not happening on every new submission of final edits, but only when there's enough new data.

The fact that it is not updated on each submission is a limitation of AI in general - it needs a lot of data to learn something new. So if we want the AI to learn from your adjustments, there needs to be enough Fine-tunes submitted.

How many Fine-tuned images do I need to update my profile?

Each AI profile requires a different number of images to run a Fine-tune update, which is determined by the number of photos used to create the profile.

For example, if you created your account with 10,000 photos, you will need 10,000 new photos to run an effective Fine-tune update.

How can I upload images for the Fine-tune process?

There are two ways of uploading images to be accounted for your next Fine-tune profile update:

  1. Fine-tune section.

    After downloading ImagenAI edit and tweaking the results to your liking, you can upload those final edits using the Fine-tune section.

  2. Teach section.

    Every project uploaded using the Teach section of the ImagenAI app after your profile was created will be considered when updating your profile.

    With this option, you can upload projects that were edited with the same consistent style but were not sent to the original creation of the profile.

I renamed my image files. Can I still send them to Fine-tune?

Yes, If you renamed your project images inside Lightroom Classic, you will be able to send your photos to the ImagenAI Fine-tune section without a problem.

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