Imagen's JPEG Compatibility

Personal AI Profile JPEG editing

Any photographer who usually shoots and edits JPEG photos in Lightroom Classic can create a JPEG-based Personal AI Profile based on his editing style.

Please note that JPEG-based Personal AI Profile will be compatible only with JPEG photos and not RAW photos.

Talents profiles JPEG editing

There are currently two Talent AI Profiles that support JPEG photos editing.

We will soon add additional Talent AI Profiles that will support JPEG photos, keep an eye on our community group for updates.

Can I build a Personal AI Profile with my exported JPEGs final edits?

No. Imagen learns how you edit your images based on how you adjust Lightroom settings and sliders.

When importing exported JPEGs into Lightroom, all image settings and sliders will be on “0”.

Therefore, Imagen will treat those images as unedited images and is unable to learn from these types of images.

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