Tips for creating an accurate Creator AI Profile

The “Teach” process is the most critical step for photographers who build a Creator AI Profile based on their unique editing style.

In this article, we will shed light on issues that can cause your profile to output inaccurate results and help you carefully select the images you send for the training process.

Uploading photos using the “Teach” section

ImagenAI learns your editing style from the images you upload using the “Teach” section of the ImagenAI app.

For ImagenAI to successfully learn the way you edit, you have to carefully select the projects that you upload and take notice of these specifics:

  1. Don’t upload unedited images.

    Uploading unedited images can create significant inaccuracies in determining your photos' correct exposure and white balance. The AI will learn that you don’t change those often and do the same.

  2. Upload only projects that were edited in the same style/preset.

    If you historically use two or more presets or styles, the way to handle that is to create a separate AI profile.

    You can learn more about what ImagenAI considers a consistent edit in this article: Recommendations for an incredible Creator AI Profile.

Arranging your Lightroom catalogs before uploading

This part of the process is the key to success.

You should consider this step the most important one.

Invest your time in selecting the right photos and adding metadata attributes for them, making an easy uploading process within the ImagenAI app.


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