How is ImagenAI different from my Lightroom presets?

ImagenAI cuts 75% of your editing time by editing like you. It uses game-changing technology to help make photographers’ lives easier. Unlike presets, ImagenAI software analyzes each photo and finds the edit parameters based on your unique style and the photo’s characteristics. Leave the tedious and repetitive editing tasks to ImagenAI so you can get back to focusing on what you love.

What would the AI learn? And what not?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs many examples to learn how to edit like you. Think of it like it was a toddler - you show her many examples, and eventually, she understands.  The AI can learn parameters that are tuned in above 5% of the images. Parameters that are tuned in less than 5% of the cases would be difficult for the AI to learn, and it will probably fail to accurately imitate your editing intention.

Does the AI edit all Lightroom parameters?

The AI learns how to tune more than 40 of the most frequently used parameters. For parameters that the AI does not learn, the most common value would be simply copied to the edited photo.

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How does the AI know what is the right edit for each image?

The results of AI models are hard to interpret. Using examples, AI models learn to predict the expected results. With a diverse enough dataset, they have the capacity of understanding and handle many different scenarios. With that said, we show our AI many examples, and it learns how to edit each image. When the photos used to train an AI profile are diverse enough, it can handle any future situation!

How many images are needed to build a profile?

The minimum amount is 5,000, but the more edits you send, the more accurate your profile will be, and the fewer tweaks you will have to apply to it. We keep working on reducing that minimal amount, but AI algorithms need a lot of data to learn.

What is a Creator AI Profile?

I don't have 5,000 photos to create my personal profile. What can I do

No problem! You can start using one of our Talents profiles, and once you have enough photos - create your own personalized profile.

How can I customize the results using one of the TALENTS profiles?

Many of our customers edit with their favorite Talent and then quickly customize edits by applying changes for the entire project.

For example, you can warm up the entire project by selecting all the images in Lightroom library mode and pushing the right arrow for < exposure >.

The change will be done relatively to each photo's edit, which would give the correct warm-up effect for each photo.

Another option is creating a preset on top of the Talent editing, which includes only parameters that are not tuned by the Talent profile, such as tone mapping, camera calibration, or split toning - according to your taste.

Can I create multiple editing profiles?

You can create as many profiles as you wish when subscribed to ImagenAI; We recommend creating a different profile for different editing styles. Trial accounts are limited to one profile per account. Each profile comes with a monthly subscription fee, as indicated in our plans and pricing.

What is a Creator AI Profile?

Can I create a black & white profile?

Sure. We will need at least 5,000 edited black & white photos. 

How long does it take to build an AI profile?

Learning a new thing takes a lot of time. But for our AI, it only takes 12-72 hours to capture your editing style into a profile.  Once done, you will receive an email saying you can start working with your new AI assistant!

How to build a Creator AI Profile

How long does it take to get back the edits?

Our algorithm is blazing fast! It only takes about 1 second per photo or 20 minutes for 1,000 photos. You will receive an email notifying you that the photos are ready, so you can download them using the "Download" button in ImagenAI.

Can I continue working with Lightroom when uploading photos?

Lightroom must be closed when fetching data from it or downloading edits and updating it. However, when uploading photos for teaching or editing, which are the most time-consuming operations, you can open Lightroom and keep working with it!

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