Cropping and Straightening

Besides applying tone, white balance, color corrections, and many other Lightroom Classic Develop panels adjustments, Imagen can also Crop and Straighten your photos.

You can apply these optional add ons on the upload page when setting up the project for editing.
To apply Cropping and/or Straightening, check the relevant box.

There is an extra cost of $0.01 USD (1 cent) each (applying both Cropping and Straightening will cost $0.02)

Does Imagen learn how I crop and straighten my photos?

The Cropping and Straightening feature is not learned per user. Meaning Imagen won’t learn how you Crop and Straighten your images. Instead, it will use our unique algorithms.

Can I crop and straighten on my trial?

Yes, you can.

Do all my images get cropped and straightened?

Yes, they will. With some images, the cropping will be minimal, but our algorithm will review all of the images sent and make even the tiniest adjustments.

Can I send already cropped images to Imagen?

When downloading an Imagen edit, all previous editing made to the image is overwritten, including cropping and straightening, even if you did not select those addons.





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