Imagen 5.0 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce that our new app is now officially released! Say hello to ImagenAI 5.0.0.

What’s new

  • A new user interface with an improved user experience will help you be more effective in your workflow and project management.
  • A new Home screen with quick actions for immediate access to your favorite AI profiles and recent projects.
  • A new My Account page where you can find your details, current plan, and additional insights.
  • Easily explore all your projects you want to send for editing, active projects that are in progress, ready for download or ready for fine-tune, and archive section for past projects already Fine-tuned.

See all the v5 videos here.


  • New app initial release ⭐ significant user interface changes and improved user experience
  • Home - find your recent AI profiles and active projects easily
  • AI Profiles - create a new personalized AI profile, manage your profiles, or add a talent’s profile
  • Talent and personalized AI profiles - easily edit your photos with either a Talent AI Profile or a personalized Creator AI Profile.
  • Supports all the latest camera models - create an AI profile based on any camera model you’re owning.
  • Projects - efficiently manage your editing project, upload a new project, download the edited photos, and fine-tune your AI profile.
  • Projects real-time status - download a project immediately when it’s ready. There is no need to wait for a download email. 
  • Retry project upload - if an upload failed, you can now retry uploading it.
  • My Account - See and change your account details, see your current plan, and expected charges, manage your backups and get insights on your use.



Imagen app, v5 home screen


Imagen app, v5 Personal AI Profile screen


Imagen app, v5 Talent AI Profile screen


Imagen app, v5 Workflow


Imagen app, v5 Catalog & Image Selection

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