Imagen won't show my Lightroom catalog images

Sending your images to Imagen requires loading a Lightroom catalog with the photos you want to upload imported into the catalog.

There are two reasons for sending us your images:

  1. Building your Personal AI Profile 
  2. Editing a project

For building your Personal AI Profile, you will need to select a Lightroom catalog (or catalogs) that has finished edited projects.

For editing a project you need to have the images you wish to edit already imported into the catalog.

Upload section after selecting a Lightroom Classic catalog

After selecting your Lightroom catalog, Imagen will analyze the catalog and will communicate if there are any issues showing photos.

There are usually three possible reasons for not seeing 100% of the images:

  1. Some or all images/folders are not connected inside Lightroom.

    In this case, a blue window will appear below the catalog name and will let you know exactly how many images Imagen did not find.

    This error happens if the images/folders were moved and not present at the location they were originally imported to and where Lightroom Classic expects them to be.

  2. Some option on the "Image filters" is filtering the images.

    Imagen has built-in “Image filters” that can include or exclude photos with Lightroom attributes such as Color/Rate/Flag and more.

    If you don’t see all of your images, a circle with an exclamation point will appear on the “Number of images” column, next to the number of images found. Hovering with your mouse cursor on that icon will share which filter is filtering out the image.

  3. When creating your AI Profile, you select between a RAW or JPEG editing profile.

    If the imported images on your catalog are JPEG photos and you select an AI Profile that supports Raw file types, or vice-versa, those images will be automatically excluded.

    If you upload to build your Personal AI Profile, The images unsupported by the profile type will be automatically excluded by the image filters.

    If you upload images for editing before selecting an editing profile, Imagen will show all of the images, regardless if they are RAW or JPEG. But when selecting a RAW editing profile, all the JPEG photos will be automatically excluded by the image filters, and vice-versa.


Troubleshooting steps

1) We recommend, as a first step, checking if your images/folders are connected inside Lightroom.

Open Lightroom Classic with the Lightroom catalog you tried loading into Imagen,

On the Library module, take a look at the left pane (the folder pane), and check if your folders are connected. If they are, click on one of them and make sure that the images inside are connected as well.

Lightroom: Images not found


Lightroom: Folder not found


2) Select the editing profile you want to teach or edit with and open Imagen “Image filters”. Check if all of the different filters are checked, if one of the checkboxes isn’t checked, and your folders and images are connected inside Lightroom, it’s likely that you can’t see your images because they are excluded.

When uploading edits to build your Personal AI Profile, the “Not edited” filter checkbox will be greyed out because we don’t want you to upload unedited images to teach us your style. 


3) If your images and folders are connected inside your Lightroom catalog, look for the file type of the images in the catalog. Do they match the AI Profile type?

To check your Personal AI Profile type, go to the AI Profiles page, and click on the relevant AI Profile. On top of the screen, you will see that information.


If you selected the wrong AI Profile type, you can remove the AI Profile by clicking on the three dots icon located on the right side of the AI Profile name, and create a new AI Profile with the correct profile type.

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