What are Talent AI Profiles?

Talent editing profiles are AI profiles created by industry-leading photographers with unique editing styles.

These profiles are instantly available for everyone to edit with!

On the ImagenAI Talents page, you can find the list of Talent profiles from each photographer, and see examples of their work.

Talent AI profiles support RAW and JPEG file types.

Why would I use a Talent AI Profile?

  • You don’t have 3,000 images in your editing style: You don’t yet have 3,000 images to build a Personal AI Profile.
  • For editing consistency: Our Talent AI Profiles have each been built with a minimum of 40k images (some with almost 100k). Each profile has also been tested on a large database of images with various different lighting scenarios. As a result, these profiles will provide you with great consistency on a gallery of photos.
  • An editing base: You may want to simply use one of our Talent Profiles as a starting base as you evolve your own style. Once you have 3,000 images in this style you can then make your own Personal AI Profile. 
  • For white balance and exposure: You may want to simply use one of our Talent Profiles to simply cover the white balance and exposure across a gallery of photos. ‘Crisp and Clean’ by Susan Stripling, and 'Love and Light' by Sarah Edmunds are our recommended profiles for this.
  • To explore a new style: If you want to explore a new editing style and see how they look on your imagery.
  • You’re fed-up with presets: You have tried presets in the past but they don’t work on your images and there is usually a lot of tweaking to get them right. 

Can I use the fine-tune feature after applying the Talent Profile?

You cannot send your final edits to the fine-tune feature with Talent AI Profiles.
If you are making tweaks to the images once the Talent Profile has been applied, you can use those projects to build your own unique Personal AI Profile once you reach 3,000 of these edits.

How do you choose Talent AI Profiles?

  • Our Talents are established photographers that have a distinct and recognizable style.
  • We are looking for a range of different editing styles for photographers to choose from. 
  • Our Talent Profiles must be built from a minimum of 40,000 photos. We test out the profiles on a large database of images to ensure that it is consistent. 
  • Our aim is also to build out the genres of Talent Profiles; such as property, portraits, and food.

You can let us know if you would like to see a photographer's style as one of our Talent AI Profiles here: Share with us your favorite photographer

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