Create a Personal AI Profile - Adobe Lightroom Classic

Getting your catalogs ready for a personalized AI Profile

For a smooth and easy profile creation process, get your Lightroom catalogs ready with these steps:

  1. Make sure that all of your project photos and folders that you want to upload to Imagen for the teaching process are linked inside your Lightroom catalog. We recommend having Smart Previews built for them too, but it is not required.
  2. Uniquely Rate/Color/Flag the photos you want to upload to Imagen for the teaching process. Doing this will make your selection process within the Imagen upload screen much easier because you can filter your Lightroom attributes within the Imagen app.

Initial setup of your Personal AI Profile

  1. Open Imagen and log in
  2. On the home page, click on the “Add a profile” button” and select “Create your own profile”

  3. Read our suggested guidelines and our Recommendations for an incredible Personal AI Profile article.
  4. Name your profile.

    Select your profile type (color or black and white).

    Select image file type that you usually shoot and wish to edit (RAW or JPEG).

    Read more information about profile types in this article.

  5. Your new Personal AI Profile is now ready to be built.

Building your Personal AI Profile


The building process is made of two main steps.

  1. Uploading your selected project's final edits to your profile:

    - Every project you successfully upload will be linked to your AI Profile.

    - This process is not limited in time, and you don’t have to upload 3,000 photos at one time.

  2. The training process.

    After uploading at least 3,000 edited photos to your Personal AI Profile, you can send the profile to begin the training process.

    This process will begin only after you confirm that you finished uploading your photos.
    It will not begin automatically.

How to upload photos to your Personal AI Profile

    1. Click on the “Upload Photos” button next to the relevant Personal AI Profile. The button is available on the home page “AI Profiles” section and the AI Profiles page.

      Upload photos to your Personal AI Profile on the Home page

      Upload photos to your Personal AI Profile on the AI Profiles page

    2. You can choose the relevant Lightroom Classic catalog with three different methods:

      a. Recent - A list of your recently used Lightroom catalogs will appear
      b. Browse - Locate your catalog folder manually
      c. Drage here to upload - Drag the relevant Lightroom catalog, and drag it into the box to load it

    3. Once your catalog is loaded successfully, a list of your folders will appear.

      Choose a folder to upload by checking the box next to the folder name.

      You can switch to “Collections” and see all of the collections inside the selected Lightroom catalog.

      You can use the Image filters section to include or exclude photos that have specific metadata attributes easily; you can learn more about our Image filters feature in this article.

    4. Name your project and click on the “Done” button in the bottom right corner.

    5. On your AI Profile page, you will see your recently chosen project on the “New” tab.

      You can choose another project to upload by clicking on the “Add photos to build profile” button on top of the screen or upload the chosen project to your profile database.

      Screenshot_27.jpgYou can repeat this process as much as needed.

AI Profile creation process

After finishing uploading 3,000 edited photos for your Personal AI Profile, at the bottom right, The "Train Profile" button will appear.

In case you did not finish uploading all of your edited projects, you can continue to upload more projects with your manually edited final edits:

  1. Head to the "AI Profiles" page
  2. Click on the relevant Personal AI Profile
  3. Click on the "Add Photos To Build Profile" button

1) by heading to the “AI Profiles” page, clicking on the Personal AI Profile you wish to upload more photos to, and clicking on “Add photos to build profile”.

Screenshot_25.jpgIn case you have finished uploading all of your edited projects, click on the red “Train profile” button, either on the Home page or the “AI Profiles” page.


The creation process, or as we call it, the “Training process”, will take up to 24 hours.

When your profile is ready, you will get an email notification, and then you can begin sending projects for editing with your own Personal AI Profile.

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