Imagen uses game-changing technology to help make photographers' lives easier. Like the Fine-tune feature, which allows you to make your profile even more accurate. We highly recommend sending your final edits using the Imagen app for every project Imagen edits for you.

Eligible Personal AI Profiles can be submitted for Fine Tune through the Imagen app.

What makes an AI Profile eligible for fine-tuning?

A profile update is not happening on every new submission of final edits, but only when there's enough new data.

The fact that it is not updated on each submission is a limitation of AI in general - it needs a lot of data to learn something new. So if we want the AI to learn from your adjustments, there need to be enough Final Edits submitted.

To check if you are eligible for Fine-Tune, go to the Personal AI Profiles tab on the AI Profiles page, and click on the profile you want to update. 

On the Personal AI Profile’s page, you can see how many photos are left until you can fine-tune your Personal AI Profile.

  • The cyan color indicates the images the Personal AI Profile was created with.
  • The yellow color indicates the Final Edits that you sent for the AI Profile.
  • The dashed yellow is the number of final edits that need to be uploaded to initiate the profile update.


How many fine-tuned images do I need to update my profile?

Each AI Profile requires a different number of images to run a fine-tune update. That number is determined by the volume of photos used to create the profile, or the number of photos your profile has been last updated with.
Updating your Personal AI Profile requires half the number of final edits as the last AI Profile training but with a minimum of 3,000 edits.

For example, if you created your Personal AI Profile with 3,000 photos, you will need 3,000 new photos to run an effective Fine-tune update.
If you created your Personal AI Profile with 6,000 photos, you will need 3,000 new photos to run an effective Fine-tune update.
If you created your Personal AI Profile with 12,000 photos, you will need 6,000 new photos to run an effective Fine-tune update.

You can see this information for each Personal AI Profile you created on the Personal AI Profile page.

How can I back up my profile before fine-tuning?

Before you fine-tune your AI Profile, first duplicate your AI Profile so you have a backup copy of it. See Profile Duplication.

How do I start a fine tune profile update?

  1. Go to the AI Profiles page.
  2. Click your AI Profile name.
  3. If you are eligible, the Send for fine tuning will be available.
    Clicking on it will initiate the AI Profile update process, which will take up to 24 hours to complete.

While the Personal AI Profile is being updated, you can still use it regularly for editing.


How can I upload images for the fine-tuning process?

There are two ways to upload images to be accounted for your next Fine-tune profile update:

1) Upload your final edits of a project you sent for Imagen to edit.

Once you have downloaded the Imagen edit and made the necessary adjustments to your project, upload your final edits by clicking Upload Final Edits. This button is next to your project name on both the Home and Projects pages.


2) Uploading more finished projects using the + Add Photos button.

By choosing this option, you can upload projects that have been manually edited with the same consistent style but were not originally included in the creation of your Personal AI Profile.

When updating your profile, these projects will be taken into consideration. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Home Page -> Click AI Profiles on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Personal AI Profile name.
  3. Click on the red + Add Photos button on top of the screen
  4. Choose the relevant catalog and begin the upload process.

I renamed my image files. Can I still send them to Fine-tune?

If you have renamed your project images in Lightroom Classic, you can use the Imagen Fine-tune feature to send your photos without any issues.

Can I send projects for editing while my Personal AI Profile goes through the fine-tune profile update?

Yes, you can use your Personal AI Profile as you would regularly.


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