Getting the best of the Imagen trial

Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your ImagenAI trial:

  1. If you want to compare different Talent AI Profiles or the Imagen edit versus your original edit side by side inside your Lightroom Classic catalog, use the Virtual Copies inside a collection workflow.

    Learn how to do that in this article: Virtual Copy benefits and how to use them

  2. Create a relatively small collection with 20 to 100 photos to first test the results of your Personal AI Profile or the Talent AI Profiles you are trying.

    Make sure to have photos from various lighting conditions and scenarios in that collection to see how ImagenAI handles them.

  3. If the initial results were satisfying, use the remainder of your trial to edit a real project. 
  4. If you upload a large number of photos as your first test, your trial will end fast.
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