Imagen 5.0 Experience

Imagen version 5 is the newest version of Imagen that features an improved User Interface based on the feedback we got about the Imagen version 4.

The main difference between the versions is the significant user interface changes and improved user experience leading to a streamlined workflow for faster photo editing:

  1. Quickly create a Personal AI Profile or send a project for editing from the home screen.
  2. You can now use both your own Personal AI Profiles and a Talent AI Profile without the need to choose between them.
  3. You can choose and manage which Talent AI Profiles to associate with your account
  4. Projects - efficiently manage your editing project, upload a new project, download the edited photos, and fine-tune your AI Profile.
  5. An improved upload process. An interrupted upload will resume from where it stopped.
  6. Projects real-time status - download a project immediately when it’s ready. There is no need to wait for a download email.
  7. Improved “My Account” - Ability to add details to your invoice, see your current plan, expected charges, manage your backups and get insights on your use.
  8. Instead of the four sections in Imagen Version 4 (Teach, Edit, Download, and Fine-tune), we now have two pages:
    1. AI Profiles
    2. Projects

Build a new Personal AI Profile

  1. Home, click on “+ Add a profile” and select “Create a new profile”
  2. AI Profiles, click on the “Create your own profile” button located in the upper right corner.


Add a Talent AI Profile to your account

From the Home Page

    1. Click on “+ Add a profile”
    2. Select “Use Talents profile”
    3. To add a Talent AI profile, click on the “Add profile” button


From the AI Profiles page
Select the Talents tab and add the Talent AI Profile you like with the “Add profile” button.


Send a project for editing

  1. Home page, there are two buttons that you can use to send a project for editing:

    a. Use the Talent AI Profile to create a project for editing by clicking on the “Use to edit” button that is located on the Talent AI Profile.

    b. Use the “+ Create a project” button that is located on the “Active projects” section or use the “Create a new project” button on the “Projects” page.

    The first workflow is faster because your Talent AI Profile will already be selected on the Upload screen.

  2. Projects page, click on the “Create a new project” button on the upper right corner of the screen.

After selecting the photos you wish to edit, name your project, and click the “Add” button, you will reach the “New” tab under the “Projects” page, where you can create another project or begin uploading the selected projects by clicking on the “Upload” button on the bottom right corner of the screen.


Download a project edits

From the Home screen, When the project is ready, the “Download to review” button will appear next to the project name.


From the Projects page, On the "Active" tab.
The “Download to review” button will appear the first time you download a project.
To re-download an edit, click the three dots located on the far right of the project, and choose “Download edits” from the menu. 


Fine-tune: Send a project final edits

To make your Personal AI Profile more accurate, it is highly recommended to send your final edits back so Imagen will learn from them.

There are two ways to upload your final edits to be considered on the next Fine-tune AI Profile update:

  1. Projects tab screen, After downloading a project's edit, the button “Upload final edits” will be available as the default action for that project.
  2. Home screen, On the “Active projects” section, you can send the final edits of your latest projects that had been downloaded.

Once Fine-tunes are sent, the project will be moved to the Archive tab.

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