Adobe Camera RAW Compatibility

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is the default RAW editing interface of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge.

This tutorial will show you how to get the Imagen edits into ACR.

Don't worry if you are an ACR user that had never tried Lightroom Classic, you won’t have to know all the ins and outs of Lightroom Classic. Syncing edits between ACR and Lightroom Classic is a very straightforward process, and you will only have to know how to Import your photos into Lightroom Classic, and how to create an XMP file with two clicks.

The process uses an Adobe Lightroom Classic catalog, so you must own Adobe Lightroom Classic to be able to do those steps.

In terms of the Adobe plans, If you purchase the “Photography plan”, then you own Lightroom Classic, and all you need to do is to go to the Creative Cloud app and install the app on your computer.

If you purchase the “Lightroom plan”, that plan doesn’t include Lightroom Classic, and you won’t be able to use Imagen, though you can upgrade your plan on this link.

ACR and Lightroom Classic compatibility

The editing features of ACR and Lightroom Classic are identical and use the same metadata file (XMP).

The fact that both software can read the same XMP file, makes it very simple to get the Imagen edits that are downloaded into a Lightroom Classic catalog, into ACR.

How to get Imagen talents edits into ACR

Step #1 (Only for users who don’t have Lightroom Classic installed)

  1. Download and install Adobe Lightroom Classic using this link, or by opening the Adobe Creative Cloud app and install from there.

    *Please note that if you don't own one of Adobe Photography plans, and you only own Adobe Lightroom plan, you won’t be able to download and install Lightroom Classic without upgrading your plan.

Step #2 - Importing your photos to a Lightroom Classic catalog:

  1. Open Lightroom Classic and create a new catalog.
  2. Import your images into your new Lightroom Classic catalog

Step #3 - Send your photos for editing with the Imagen app

  1. Open Imagen and log in
  2. Add a Talents profile to be available for editing
  3. Select the Lightroom Classic catalog that has the photos you wish to edit imported to it
  4. Select the relevant folders you want to send for edit
  5. Name your project and select the Talent editing profile you wish to edit with
  6. Click the “Add” button on the bottom right corner
  7. Click the  “Upload” button at the bottom right corner

Step #4 - Download the edits with the Imagen app

When the editing process is complete, a green text will appear next to your project name letting you know that the project is “Ready”.

You will be able to see it on the Home page, and on the Projects page.

  1. Click on the “Download edits” button next to your project name, and again on the Download page.
  2. Open the Lightroom Classic catalog that the edits were downloaded to.
    It is highly recommended to use the “Open LR Catalog” red button to make sure that you open the relevant Lightroom catalog

Step #5 - Syncing the edits from Lightroom Classic to ACR

  1. In Lightroom Classic, on the Library module, select the relevant folder, and make sure that you are seeing the Imagen edits.
  2. Select all photos (Ctrl/Cmd+A)
  3. Use Ctrl/Cmd+S or click on the “Metadata” tab -> “Save Metadata To Files”
    *If you get a pop message, click “Continue”
  4. ACR automatically reads the XMP file if it exists, so now, when you load your photos into ACR, the photo will be loaded with the Imagen edit.

Now you can continue your regular workflow in ACR, and review the Imagen edits.

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