Adobe Camera RAW Compatibility

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is the default RAW editing interface of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge.

Our Extended Adobe Compatibility allows you to edit photos with Imagen and view them in ACR without the use of Lightroom.
However, to create a profile from your ACR edits and to send the final edits from ACR to Imagen, you still need to use Lightroom Classic as an intermediate. 
This tutorial will show you how to send the final edits back to Imagen. You can read this article on Creating a Personal AI Profile from Adobe Camera Raw final edits.

No need to worry if you're an ACR user who hasn't used Lightroom Classic before. The process of syncing edits between ACR and Lightroom Classic is quite simple. You'll only need to learn how to import your photos into Lightroom Classic and create an XMP file with just two clicks.

This process relies on an Adobe Lightroom Classic catalog, which means you must have Adobe Lightroom Classic to follow these step

In terms of Adobe plans, if you purchase the "Photography plan," then you own Lightroom Classic, and all you need to do is go to the Creative Cloud app and install it on your computer.

If you purchase the "Lightroom plan," this plan does not include Lightroom Classic, and as a result, you won't be able to use Imagen. However, you can upgrade your plan on this link.

ACR and Lightroom Classic compatibility

The editing features of ACR and Lightroom Classic are identical and use the same metadata file (XMP). The ability of both software to read the same XMP file simplifies the process of transferring Imagen edits from a Lightroom Classic catalog to ACR

How to get ACR final edits back to Imagen (for Personal AI profile)

Once you have reviewed the edits in ACR and made the final edits you have to make, you can send the final edits back to Imagen to teach the AI the changes you have made. The changes you made in ACR will be automatically saved to the XMP files. 

Step #1 Sync the edits to Lightroom

  1. Open Lightroom and select all the images you just corrected in ACR in the Library module.
  2. Click on Metadata, and select 'Read Metadata from files'. This will transfer all the changes you made in ACR back to Lightroom. 

Read metadata.png

Step #2 Send final edits to Imagen

  1. You can refer to the upload section in this article to learn how to upload the final edits to Imagen: Fine-tune


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