My photos are unedited after downloading the edits

If you downloaded a project to review the edits, but images aren’t edited properly when you open the Lightroom Classic catalog, try these steps before calling support.

  1. Review our guide to editing with Imagen.

  2. Make sure Lightroom Classic is closed.

  3. Open Imagen and go to the Projects page.

  4. In the row of the project you already downloaded, click the three dots at the end of the row and select Download Edits.
    image (4).png

    The summary of the edited images appears:image (5).png
  1. In the bottom left corner, verify that the total number of photos is the same number as the number in the Photos column in the project. If there are issues, open the Filters and Selection lists to verify that the filters and the file locations are correct.

  2. Click Download Edits.
    When the download finishes, there is a message with the number of edits and a link to the Lightroom Classic catalog.
    image (6).png
  1. Click Open LR Catalog. If the link doesn’t open your Lightroom catalog, click Browse to find the correct catalog.

  2. To review the same edited images in your Lightroom catalog, make sure the filters are the same as in Imagen. To remove all filters, in the Filter list, select Filters Off.
    image (7).png

  3. If you still have issues, you need to re-upload the images in a new project and contact the support team.

Re-upload the images in a new project and contact the support team

If you aren’t satisfied with the image edits after <troubleshooting>, our support team will help you out. 

  1. Re-upload the same images by creating a new Imagen project. 
  2. Contact Imagen support. In your support request, give the support team the details of this duplicate project, and we’ll issue a refund for the edits. 
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