My photos are unedited after downloading the edits

If you downloaded a project sent for editing, but all or some of the images appear unedited when you open the Lightroom Classic catalog, please follow these steps:

Make sure you opened the relevant Lightroom Classic catalog

We highly recommend opening the relevant Lightroom catalog by clicking on the “Open LR catalog” button that will pop up immediately after the download ends.

This way you will 100% open the relevant Lightroom catalog.

Make sure that your photos are unedited

Once you are certain that you opened the same catalog, check the Develop panel.

Do the photos have the same values they had when you uploaded the edit?

In case you uploaded unedited images, you only need to check the “Exposure” and “White balance” values. If the exposure value is “0” and the white balance value is “As shot”, the image was not edited by Imagen.

If you are not sure if the images were edited by Imagen, redownload the project edits by following these steps:

Redownloading the project edits

  1. Make sure Lightroom Classic is closed
  2. Open Imagen and go to the Projects page
  3. Locate the relevant project, click on the three dots located on the right, and select “Download Edits”
  4. After the download finishes, please make sure the popup indicates that we downloaded the edit for the same number of images you sent for edit.
  5. Open the relevant Lightroom catalog.
    We highly recommend opening the relevant Lightroom catalog by clicking on the “Open Lightroom catalog” button

If those steps didn't help, and you still see the images as unedited, please reupload the edit, let the support team know once you do (Please mention the project's names), and we will issue your account credit for future edits for the amount of that project.

If there were changes made, but they are minimal and not on par with your expectations, contact the support team. It might be an issue of profile inaccuracy.

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