Using "Image filters" for fast and accurate uploads

Imagen Filters are an integral part of the uploading process for building a profile and creating a project for editing.

By giving the photos unique Rating/Color/Flag attributes in Lightroom or any other app that uses XMPs, you can include or exclude specific images using Imagen’s “Image filters”.

Besides being able to filter images based on their Rating/Color/Flag, There is the Edited/Not Edited Filter.

This filtering option is useful if you want to upload only unedited photos for editing with Imagen.

This filtering will automatically exclude unedited photos for the Personal AI Profile build process as uploading unedited photos to create your AI Profile is not recommended.

Imagen considers a photo as “Edited” if any change had been made to the photo.
“Not edited” are Straight out of camera photos that don’t have any edit applied to them.

Any photo that has the “Edited” Lightroom badge on it, is considered an “Edited” photo by Imagen.


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