Send a culled project to edit (for users reviewing results outside Imagen)

Now that Imagen has culled your photos, you can efficiently have them edited too.

Once you send your projects for editing, it will help Imagen Culling improve and determine if the culled results were correct.

From the Projects page, you will see your newly culled project in the Active tab with a status showing that you have reviewed the culls. There is now a Send for Edit button next to your project.


When sending a project to edit from Imagen’s culls, it is important to confirm that you are sending the right color or start ratings desired.

A selector is available under the Filters dropdown to choose between reading the metadata from your Lightroom Catalog or XMP. This will be pre-selected depending on your culling options for that project.


The remainder of the editing process is the same as a project you have manually culled.

Please refer to the documentation on sending a project for editing for more details: How to upload a project?

Because you have already uploaded your Lightroom Catalog and image files to Imagen for the culling process, there is no need to re-upload them for the editing process. Sit back and watch your photos get edited in no time while you focus on what you love.

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