Quickly improve the AI results

  1. Bulk tweak in one-click using the Quick-Develop tool

    The Quick Develop tool, located in the right panel of the Library module, is a fantastic tool that allows adjusting the most essential Basic panel settings values relative to their current value.

    With the Quick Develop tool, you can bulk tweak the edits you got from Imagen in one click.

    This tip is helpful if you get "consistent mistakes" from your Personal AI Profile.

    For example, if all photos are slightly warm, you can select them and click on the appropriate button. All selected images will lower their temperature by a 1/3 or full stop (depending on if you clicked on the one or two arrow button) relative to their current value.


    There are four buttons for adjusting each setting.

    Hovering your mouse cursor over a button will reveal how the value will change.

    - Clicking the extreme left and right buttons will adjust the value by a minus or plus full stop.
    - Clicking the middle left and right buttons will change the value by a minus or plus 1/3 stop.

    You can learn how to use the Quick-Develop tool in the following video.

    In the second part of the video, we show how to use our second tip, how to create a preset:
  2. Creating a preset

    If you want to adjust a specific value to a single setting, creating a preset will provide an easy and effective way to quickly apply these changes to your images.

    For example, if you want to enable lens corrections for your second shooter camera or change the Color Grading value for a specific project.

    In these cases, you can create a preset containing only the settings you wish to change, and apply the preset to affect your selected images.

    You can watch the shared video from 2:00 minutes to learn how to create a preset easily.


  3. Changing a specific HSL value

    (For example, if you wish to change only the "Yellow Saturation" slider)

    When syncing settings in the usual Lightroom way, the HSL section, which consists of 24 unique settings and values, can only be synced as a whole.

    A simple and effective way to overcome this limitation is by:
    1. selecting the images you want to change
    2. At the bottom of the Develop module, turn the "Auto-sync" option on.
    3. Each individual HSL slider that you change while the "Auto-sync" option is turned on will sync the specific value on all images.

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