Re-edit a project

Imagen allows photographers to re-edit their project up to 5 times with different AI Profiles.

When should I re-edit?

  1. When you want to compare the results of several AI Profiles to determine which one works best on your project.
  2. When you weren't happy with the results of the AI Profile you originally sent the project with.
  3. In cases you forgot to add Crop or Straightening to the project.

Important things to know:

  • Re-editing is free of charge.

  • If you add crop or straightening, or other additional AI features, to the Re-edit when they were not used on the original project, you will be charged for the add-ons alone.

  • Any AI Profile associated with your account can be used, whether a Talents AI Profile or a Personal AI Profile.

  • Re-edit is not available for projects whose final edits have been uploaded.

How to re-edit

To enjoy this feature, go to the projects page and either on the "Active" or "Archive" tabs.

To send a project for re-editing, click on the 3 dots to the right of the desired project, and select "Edit with a different profile"


On the pop-up screen, you can:

  1. Select any AI Profile associated with your account to re-edit, whether it's a Personal, Talents, or a Shared AI Profile.
  2. Add crop or straightening to the re-edit.


Be aware that downloading the re-editing results to your Lightroom catalog will overwrite the changes made to the images during the previous project edit.

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