Sync unique Aspect-ratio

Not all photographers stick with the traditional 3X2 aspect ratio. Some use a different aspect ratio for all their work, or they need a different aspect ratio for a specific project.

Today's cameras offer an in-camera cropping feature that allows photographers to shoot their images with the unique aspect ratio they need.

If you used your in-camera cropping feature, and after downloading the Imagen edits, you noticed the photo was reverted to the original 3X2 aspect ratio, or you don't have that feature in-camera and want to apply a unique aspect ratio to all your images quickly and easily, this tip is for you:

There are two quick methods that you can apply and sync across your photos a unique aspect ratio:

  1. On the Library module right panel, on the Quick Develop tab, expand the "Saved preset" tab by clicking on the triangle pointing to the left.

    Select all images (Cmnd / Ctrl + A).

    Click on "Crop ratio" and select the desired aspect ratio.


  2. On the Develop module, select all images and make sure the Sync button is turned on.

    Go to the Crop tool.

    Click on "Aspect" and change to the desired aspect ratio.

    Make sure to turn off the Sync button when you are done.

    Notes: If the Sync button is not available, it means only one image is selected.

    *You must select at least two photos for the Sync button to show.

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