Local adjustment limitations

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When working with Local Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom, it's important to be aware of certain limitations that can affect your editing experience. This article highlights these limitations and provides recommendations to optimize your workflow.

  1. Maximum Photo Limit per project:
    Imagen imposes a maximum limit of 3,000 photos per project. If your project exceeds this limit, consider splitting your it into smaller projects.

  2. Performance Impact:
    Applying masks and other Local Adjustments may slow down Lightroom, especially when dealing with a large number of adjustments. To mitigate this, it is advisable to work on separate and smaller catalogs dedicated to projects involving Local Adjustments.

    By utilizing smaller catalogs for Local Adjustments, you can enhance your editing experience.
    If  you usually work with large catalog(s), we recommend the following workaround:
    Large catalog workflow tip

  3. Increased Project Editing Time with 'Subject Mask':
    When selecting the 'Subject Mask' feature for an editing project, expect slightly longer processing times. This additional time is required for accurate analysis and application of the mask.

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