I used a shared Personal AI Profile, but I need to get better results.

There are three possible reasons for not getting great results from a shared Personal AI Profile:

  1. The AI Profile was trained to handle specific lighting conditions/scenarios, unlike the photos you sent for editing.
    For example, if you created the Personal AI Profile to handle outdoor scenarios, An AI Profile created with majority Tungsten lit scenes  won’t be the best-suited Flash or outdoor scenarios.
  2. If the AI Profile owner used a custom color profile, custom LUT, or a preset bought from a third party to capture their editing style, and the edits rely on that color profile to get the best results, only photographers who have them installed will get the same profile results.

    You can easily check if you are missing the color profile by looking at the top of the Basic panel on the Develop module.
    If you are missing the custom color profile or custom LUT, contact the account owner and ask him how to obtain the relevant color profile.

  3. All AI Profiles should work great on all camera models, though specific camera models will show different results in rare cases.
    Try using these tips to easily bulk-adjust the images as the first step after downloading the edits:
    Quickly improve the AI results.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of a shared AI Profile, we recommend trying one of our Talents AI Profiles.



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