I shared my Personal AI Profile successfully, but the profile is not available.

Sharing your Personal AI Profile is available only if you have Imagen version 23.1.26-448 or later, and it’s recommended that the profile owner and the person the profile is shared with have the latest version of Imagen installed.

Imagen latest version download (Mac)
Imagen latest version download (Windows)

If you have an older Imagen version, the AI Profile will be available on the “Choose an AI Profile” drop-down menu on the upload page.


When an AI Profile is shared with you, and you have the latest version installed, the AI Profile will also be available on the:

  1. The Imagen Home page
  2. AI Profile page

    If you cannot select the AI Profile from the upload page “Choose an AI Profile” drop-down menu, check your Imagen account email address for the email letting you know a profile was shared with you.

    If you didn’t get the email, first, please ensure the profile owner shared his AI Profile with you.

    Please contact the Imagen support team in these cases:

    1. You received the email, but the AI Profile is unavailable for editing on your account

    2. The AI profile was shared with you, but you have yet to receive the email.

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