Shared Personal AI profiles limitations

  1. Uploading Final Edits isn’t available for shared profiles.
    Only the Personal AI Profile owner can upload final edits to be considered on the next profile update.
    If you want to enhance the AI Profile with your Final Edits, we recommend the following:
    Once you have at least 3,000 final edits of photos that have been edited with the shared AI Profile, you will be able to create a new Personal AI Profile based on the shared profile.

  2. When a Personal AI Profile is trained with a custom color profile, the photographer that the profile is shared with must have the custom color profile installed in their Lightroom Classic to get the most accurate results.
    If the custom color profile is unavailable, the default Lightroom color profile (Adobe Standard) will be applied to the photos and probably cause inaccurate results.

  3. You can share your Personal AI Profile with up to 3 different accounts.
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