Edit with Imagen for the first time

What is Imagen?

Imagen is an AI-powered solution that eliminates hours of busy work from post-production for professional photographers. We use AI to speed up your workflow while preserving your unique style and leaving you in full control of the final results. Cull, edit, and store photos in the cloud in one intuitive workflow. 

In this guide, we show you how to edit photos in your personal style. 

How does it work?

First, you add an AI Profile in Imagen to show Imagen your editing style. Once the profile is ready, you upload photos to Imagen from a Lightroom Classic catalog or other compatible Adobe editing software. Imagen edits the photos with your AI Profile in a fraction of the time that the manual process takes. Next, you download the edits to their source and tweak them if needed. If you want to fine-tune your profile with the changes from your edits, you upload the changes to your profile. Last, you export the photos and deliver them to your client. 

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1  Install Imagen and log in 

You first sign up for Imagen before downloading and installing it on your computer. Imagen sends you a one-time password when logging in for the first time.

  1. Go to https://imagen-ai.com/ to sign up for Imagen. 
  2. Click Sign up and Download now
  3. Download the correct software for your operating system.
  4. Install Imagen.
  5. Log in for the first time with a one-time password that Imagen sent to your email.

If you need help with the installation and log-in process, see these links:


2  Create an AI Profile that matches your style

Before you can start editing your photos with Imagen, you create an AI Profile. This profile predicts your style and edits each photo as you would. 

Imagen has three different types of profiles:

  • Personal AI Profile (recommended)
  • Lite Personal AI Profile
  • Talent AI Profile

We’ll cover the main points to keep in mind for each profile type. For detailed information about all the profile types, see our knowledge base.

Personal AI Profile

We recommend using the Personal AI Profile for the most consistent editing results. Another advantage is that if you upload your final edits, these small changes accumulate and eventually fine-tune your profile. Your profile evolves with your own personal style.

Keep in mind:

  • You need around 3,000 photos that are edited in a similar style. 
    • These photos need to be the original edited photos from Lightroom Classic or from a compatible Adobe editing software. Don’t use the exported photos.
    • Your photos need to be in the same format as the profile you want to create. Make sure the photos are either all RAW or all JPEG. Also, they must be all color or all black and white.
    • Organize your photos in a dedicated Lightroom Classic collection or tag them with metadata. See our YouTube tutorial
  • Try using photos with varied lighting and environments to make your profile as accurate as possible.
  • Create a separate profile for each editing style you have. For example, you might have different styles for headshots, weddings, and real estate. 
  • After you’ve uploaded your photos, training a Personal AI Profile usually takes up to 24 hours.

See our YouTube tutorial and these great tips from our experts. For how-to documentation, see this article and its links.

Lite Personal AI Profile

The Lite Personal AI Profile is a quick way to start using Imagen. You first upload a Lightroom Classic preset that you like to use. Then, you answer a survey about your editing style. The Lite Personal AI Profile doesn’t require uploading photos. As you use this profile, you can upload your final edits to fine-tune it.

For how-to documentation, see this article

Talent AI Profile

The Talent AI Profile is another quick way to get started using Imagen. It’s an AI Profile based on the style of a famous photographer, and you can edit in that same style. There are many Talent AI Profiles to choose from, and it doesn’t require uploading photos. 

For how-to documentation, see this article. To see how it compares with the Personal AI Profile, see this article.

3  Create a project to edit your photos

Once you have your AI profile, it’s time to upload your photos for editing with an Imagen project. Create a dedicated project for each batch of photos you edit. 

In the project, you set:

  • The project name to identify it later
  • The AI profile
  • The source of the photos to edit (Lightroom Classic catalog or Extended Adobe Compatibility)
  • Photos to exclude from the upload, if you tagged photos with metadata beforehand
  • Editing options like crop, straighten, and subject mask

Before starting the upload, you can review the estimated cost of the edit. When you’re just starting to use Imagen, the trial edits are free.

For how-to documentation, see this article. For more information about Imagen Projects, see this article.  

4  Download and review edited photos in your editing software

When your edited photos are ready for review, you download the edits and review the photos in your editing software. 

Imagen doesn’t change the original photos. It only updates the settings for each photo to match your AI profile.

With the Personal AI Profile or the Lite Personal AI Profile, you can upload your final edits. Once there are enough changes, you decide if and when to fine-tune your profile. This way, your profile evolves with your style. 

See our tutorial on YouTube. For how-to documentation on downloading a project, see this article.

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