Using the Filter bar to make specific image selections

The following tip explains how to use a wonderful Lightroom Classic feature when you wish to tweak a specific set of images.

The Filter bar allows us to filter images with different metadata.

You can filter your images per date, camera, develop preset, ISO, file type, lens, focal length, aspect ratio, and many more different options.

The Filter bar is available at the top of the grid view ("G" keyboard shortcut) in the Library module. If it's not available by default, click on the "View" menu option, click on the "Show Filter Bar" option, or use a keyboard shortcut and press the "\" button.


By clicking on the filter name, you can choose which filter to use.

Screenshot_2.jpgEach selected setting will show the number of photos which has the relevant shown values based on selected images.

For example, if you selected a folder that has 1000 photos in it, selecting the Camera filter will show you how many photos were made per camera, and by clicking on the camera name, only the images made with that camera are selected.


In case a specific camera requires tweaking, choose the "Camera" setting and choose the relevant camera.

Only the relevant camera photos will show, and now you can select all of them and make tweaks using the Quick develop feature or the Develop module or assign a unique metadata attribute (color label/star rating/flag).

You can also apply a preset or sync specific changes.

Adjusting bulk noise reduction settings

If you wish to add noise reduction adjustments to your images easily, you can use the ISO filter to show photos that were shot with high ISO, and with one click, apply a preset to those images.



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