What is a Personal AI Profile?

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A Personal AI Profile is a unique AI Profile that learns how to edit photos from your own edited photos. Imagen’s Personal AI Profiles are better and smarter than presets because they analyze and edit each photo individually.

Imagen Personal AI Profiles edit like you because they learn from you.

Personal AI Profile requirements

To create your Personal AI profile, you need:

  • At least 3,000 edited photos
  • (Lightroom Classic) The original photos or Smart Previews of the photos in a catalog. Large Lightroom Classic catalogs greater than 1.5GB may take a long time to load, especially if they are located on an external drive.
  • (Extended Adobe Compatibility) Make sure that the XMP info from the edits is associated with the photo. For RAW format, make sure the XMP file is uploaded together with the photo. For DNG and JPEG formats, make sure the XMP information is embedded in the photos. For more information about XMP and how Imagen uses this information, see this guide.

Imagen support for edit information

 Imagen creates a Personal AI Profile from these settings: 

Setting Property
White Balance Temperature
Tone Exposure
Presence Clarity
Colors - Complete HSL Hue


Can I create multiple AI Profiles?

Yes, you can. There are a few reasons for creating multiple profiles.

  • If you use a different style in your outdoors and indoors edit, it is recommended to use two different profiles.
  • If you have a color profile and you want a black and white profile as well.
  • If you have more than one style that you usually use.

Can I build a Personal AI Profile with exported JPEGs?

No. Imagen learns how you edit your photos based on how you adjust Lightroom settings and sliders.

When you import exported JPEGs into Lightroom, all image settings and sliders will be on “0”. Imagen will treat those photos as unedited and can't learn from them.

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