Imagen trial explained

Every photographer who joins Imagen will receive 1,000 free trial edits to test how Imagen edits their images with their choice of AI profiles. It can be used with either the Talent AI Profiles, Personal AI Profiles, Lite AI profiles and Purchased profiles.
Getting the best of the Imagen trial

To receive those free edits, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up 
  2. Download and install the Imagen app
  3. Create an editing project
  4. Download the edit

Will I lose my free edits if I subscribe?

Your first 1,000 photos you send for editing will be free of charge regardless if you sign up before using your free trial images, meaning that if, for example, you subscribed to Imagen but you still had 500 free trial edits, the next 500 photos you send for editing will be part of your trial and you won’t pay for them.

If you choose to upload and edit more images than your free trial, a pop-up will show up and ask if you want to proceed, as you will have to pay for the additional edits once you subscribe.

Cropping, straightening, subject masking and smooth skin are included in the trial; you can choose them if you wish to try.

Are the 3,000 edited images I am uploading to build my Personal AI Profile related to my trial images?

No. You can upload as many edited photos to build your Personal AI Profile. The only images that will use your trial free edits, are the photos you send to edit with a Personal or a Talent AI Profile.

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